If you are a business/project promoter and you want to disseminate it, we can help you through:

  • Information in the REFUJOBS site;
  • Information in ACM’s social networks;
  • Participation at the POP-UP SPACE/STORE. (*)

To disseminate your business/project, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., writing a brief description of it.

(*) Information about POP-UP SPACE/STORE

Target Group

POP-UP SPACE/STORE provides an opportunity to show products or services developed by migrants and supported by GAEM (Migrant Entrepreneur Support Office) or other invited entrepreneurs. Some sales can be allowed, according to previously agreed rules with the event organization.

The development of activities not duly regularized by the competent organizations is not allowed.


This initiative has the following goals:

  • To disseminate the products or services developed by migrants and supported by GAEM or other entrepreneurs invited;
  • To facilitate the participants contact with the market and enable possible adjustments to the concept developed;
  • To enable self-employment experiences in a real context.

When: The POP-UP SPACE/STORE takes place in a schedule defined by GAEM, where the existence of themes previously defined by the organization is possible.

Where: POP-UP SPACE/STORE activities can occur at CNAIM (National Support Centre for the Integration of Migrants) Lisbon, Porto or Algarve, where there is a space available for these activities, or other places previously defined and communicated.

Using the facilities where the activities take place: In the scope of this initiative the participants can use the available space for free and have access to a table and chairs (one or two).

The participants need to observe the following:

  • Respect and follow all inherent rules to the use of the space;
  • Leave the spaces properly tidy and clean every day of the event.

Disseminate the initiative: ACM, I.P. disseminates the initiative by its own means of communication, as well as the projects/businesses that are participating in the event.


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